Aqua Ultraviolet A00141, Swimming Pool Plastic Body 3" Sterilizer Unit

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Aqua Ultraviolet, A00141, Swimming Pool 3" Plastic Body 3" Inlet/Outlet 110V/60Hz 100 Watt Sterilizer Unit Using UV is a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly method of reducing chemicals and their resulting bi-products

Chloramines bring about the typical chlorine smell as well as skin and eye irritation

Chlorine reacts with organic compounds creating by-products like chloramines and THM trihalomethane

How UV Works Ultraviolet light produces germicidal rays in a wavelength of 200 - 400 nanometers nm

Neither the PH, natural taste nor the smell of the water is impaired by the UV-radiation.

THM can be taken in through the skin or the lungs and is considered as a trigger for respiratory problems

The cell can no longer multiply and loses its pathogenic effect

The intensive UVC rays penetrate the cell wall of pathogens and impact their DNA

These compounds also damage pool equipment

UV disinfection is a purely physical process organisms can not become resistant to it as they have to chemicals like chlorine

UV is a proven method to kill bacteria and viruses reducing the volume, cost and side effects of chlorine by 75

UV light leads to the destruction of chloramines effectively reducing these side effects

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