Flowline Ug03-0001-40, Echopod Reflective Level Transmitter

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Flowline, UG03-0001-40, EchoPod Reflective Ultrasonic Multi-Function Liquid Level Transmitter 3m (9.8') Range, 2" NPT, 4 SPST Relays, without Fob The general purpose reflective ultrasonic multi-function level transmitter provides continuous level measurement

At the core of Reflective Technology trade is a simple fact

By orienting the transducer vertically, condensation runs off the transducer and does not affect sensor performance

Condensation attenuates the acoustic signal of ultrasonic sensors with horizontal transducers, weakening their signal strength and signal to noise ratio by up to 50 , and substantially reducing their measurement reliability

Each relay can be configured for alarm, automatic fill or empty functions

Features Fail-safe diagnostics with selectable relay and signal outputs Narrow 2 rdquo 5cm beam width for applications with limited space Corrosion resistant PVDF transducer and compact PP enclosure Short 1.5 rdquo 3.8cm dead band maximizes tank filling capacity Automatic temperature compensation from -40 ordm to 80 ordm C

Four programmable relays with embedded level control logic 1 pump or valve with 3 alarms 2 pumps lead-lag with 2 alarms 2 pumps duplexing with 2 alarms 4 independent switch point alarms Reflective Condensation is the most common variable in liquid level applications

Select this sensor for small tanks with non-foaming or highly vaporous media such as chemicals, water, wastewater and oil

Thanks gravity.

The non-contact liquid level sensor features our proprietary Reflective Technology trade that delivers reliable level measurement in condensing environments

The unimpeded transmit and receive signals are redirected to and from the liquid off a 45 ordm reflector, delivering reliable level measurement

Typical applications include day tank, IBC or drum, cooling tower, skid or machine, process tank and waste sumps

Unlike flat horizontal surfaces, significant water droplets cannot adhere to smooth vertical surfaces

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